Have you just gotten your bariatric surgery? Or maybe you have been thinking about having surgery, but fear that you will only be able to eat salads the rest of your life? Thankfully that is not the case, or even close to it. 

A bariatric diet does not have to consist of only leafy greens in contrast to popular belief. In fact, bariatric diets can have some of the most delicious, yet still healthy, recipes out there. Now you can keep the pounds off while still enjoying the food you have always loved!

If you are struggling with finding healthy recipes, lifestyle advice, or tips on keeping your diet in check, you have come to the right place. These top bariatric foodies post free content on Instagram making it easy to stay up to date with their latest recipes and advice! They include:

Bariatric Foodie Nation

If you are looking for a page that solely posts healthy recipes for a bariatric diet, this is the page for you!

A healthy veggie wrap consisting of zucchini, mushrooms, red and yellow onion and various spices. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

Following a weight loss plan, especially a bariatric diet, can make it very difficult to find recipes that are both healthy and tasty. Bariatric Foodie Nation has over 1,000 posts with yummy, healthy food. Even better, they provide most of the recipes in the comment section of the post. At the very least, there are the ingredients utilized in the recipes listed.

A page like this can make sticking to the bariatric diet simple and easy! Their usual posts are quick recipes that can be made no matter how busy your schedule is. If one does not work for you, there are quite literally a thousand others to choose from. 

Be sure to drop a follow on Bariatric Foodie Nation’s page for easy recipes that fit all of your bariatric dieting needs!

Bariatric Queen

A more personalized page consisting of the user's day to day eating habits!

A healthy snack for post-workout recovery. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

One of the more difficult aspects of a bariatric diet that is not talked about often is shopping. Not only can it be expensive, but it can also be hard to know exactly what to buy and where to find it! 

This page is great for bariatric patients who are unsure of what to buy and how much. Often this page will upload their weekly shopping trip and show exactly what they bought. This gives the followers a clear picture on how much, or how little, they need to buy.

Following the shopping trip, meal prep is often the next step. The Bariatric Queen will usually show the process of taking the bought groceries and how to meal prep them quick and easy! This makes it easier to stay on track when all of your meals are already prepared.

Drop a follow on The Bariatric Queen’s page to receive great tips on shopping, meal prep, and general progress pictures in your feed!

The Sleeved Dietitian

A more personal page that shows Jamie’s weight loss surgery journey and how she diets to keep the weight off!

A healthy reminder in the form of a meme reminding everyone that bariatric diets do not have to be bland. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

Jamie Mills is a registered dietitian who has personally undergone weight loss surgery herself. She uploads photos of her day to day life and how weight loss surgery has impacted her. She also posts motivational quotes to help keep her followers on track with their own personal goals.

If you are in search of a page that gives great content on what it is like to undergo weight loss surgery and how it impacted her going forward, this is the page for you. You can also expect to find Instagram stories uploaded often detailing her fitness journey, her daily eating habits, and progress pictures of her many clients!

Go follow Jamie for a unique insight on weight loss surgery and how it can impact a person’s daily life!

My Bariatric Dietitian

A bariatric dietitian that gives great tips on how to follow the bariatric diet!

A typical bariatric plate guide to give readers a good idea of the quantity of protein, carbs, and vegetables they should be eating. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

Megan is another bariatric dietitian who gives great advice on maintaining healthy eating habits following a bariatric surgery. Remembering all of the different information given to you from doctors can simply overwhelm post-op patients. Megan makes it easy with helpful charts, graphs, and models on proper portioning and general bariatric concepts.

If you are struggling to follow the bariatric diet or are unaware of what the ‘mindset’ of a post-surgery diet should be, this page is perfect for you. She even gives some of her own recipes that you can follow step-by-step to know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Give Megan a follow to receive a better understanding of the bariatric diet and all it entails.

Bariatric Meal Prep

A great page that gives its followers a guide on how to eat following weight loss surgery!

A visual guide as to how much protein is in typical snacks and entrees. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

A major struggle many bariatric patients face is having time to cook healthy recipes on a daily basis. Many recipes that consist of healthy foods have considerable preparation times associated with them. For that reason, meal prepping is one of the best ways to save both time and money while on a bariatric diet.

Meal prepping is the process of preparing large quantities of food (usually at the beginning of the week) and storing them in meal-sized amounts. Whenever it is time to eat, simply grab a meal that is already prepared out of the fridge and enjoy!

This page gives great tips and how to meal prep according to the bariatric diet. It also gives details on what to include within each meal to ensure you are reaching all of the macronutrients needed per day.

Follow Bariatric Meal Prep’s page for all of your meal prepping needs!

The Bariatric Trainer

A more exercise oriented page that gives great advice on both workouts and eating!

A typical meal prep recipe that this page promotes to allow for easier dieting. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram.

Keeping the weight off following a weight loss surgery has two components-- a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Jenna focuses more on the exercise habits for bariatric patients and gives great how-to videos for workout routines.

Jenna will post video guides of how to perform any and every exercise she recommends. Along with that, she will upload entire routines to follow depending on how long ago your surgery was. Exercises for a person who had their surgery a week prior will be different to someone who had it months ago. By sticking to a proper exercise routine the pounds will stay off much easier than only sticking to a healthy diet. She does upload some healthy eating habits and recipes meaning that you can fulfill all of your needs on one page!

Follow The Bariatric Trainer’s page for great exercise and healthy eating related content!

Bariatric Food Coach

A food coach who puts together excellent guides that help keep you on track for your dieting and weight loss goals!

A typical post from this page that explains how to stay true to your bariatric diet when dining out. Image courtesy of this page’s Instagram

The Bariatric Food Coach is a great page to go to if you are looking to simplify the bariatric diet. With so many guidelines that come with the diet, it can be hard to follow and remember all of them. Thankfully, this page makes it easy.

On this page, you will find many templates, guides, and general practice tips on keeping up with the bariatric diet. Simply fill out one of the many available templates and follow it! She also gives guides on what to buy, how to meal prep, what foods fall under the bariatric diet, and many more. 

Simplify your bariatric dieting by dropping a follow on the Bariatric Food Coach’s page and make your life easier!

Keep the pounds off following your weight loss surgery by sticking to the bariatric diet. 

Sticking to a diet is never an easy feat and the bariatric diet is no different. However, there is a ton of free content posted daily to social media that can make it so much easier. By following these Instagram pages, you will be on your way to looking better, being healthier, and most importantly feeling better!

Jan 27, 2023
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